The management and successful monitoring of an IP Portfolio understandably generates a huge amount of meticulous detail, all of which must be carefully managed, documented and easy to recall in an instant if necessary.

Conducting the whole process internally can be complex, cost intensive and tedious, requiring extensive knowledge of different jurisdiction and keeping track of multiple deadlines and communication.  Failure to update timely reminders and fulfil obligations can result in the rejection of an application and can, in some cases, lead to the loss of IP Rights.

Full transparency, security and improved process efficiency

Let Zacco IP Services successfully manage this process for you. Our experienced docketing team is detail orientated and has extensive prosecution knowledge across multiple jurisdictions. We have robust processes in place to track all necessary deadlines, correspondence and documentation. Our state of the art online platform can help you manage the process more efficiently and cost effectively. We offer enhanced security, comprehensive reporting, automated verification and we can tailor services to your current process. Communication is seamless, fully transparent and we can offer quick turnaround times.

 We operate from within one of Europe’s leading Intellectual Property Firms. Unlike many competitors, we have immediate access to a knowledge pool of in-house IP Attorneys and paralegals who are able to identify potential issues before they arise. We have fully audited security systems in place to ensure the safety of all of your data as well as relationships with all major international intellectual property offices alongside a detailed understanding of their processes and requirements. This includes the WIPO, EPO, UKIPO and all other national PTOs.

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact who will manage the entire process internally and with full transparency, helping you to keep track of your full workload, including any requirements or deadlines, in one place.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined and automated process help to reduce costs and ensure consistency. This can be customised and adapted as necessary for any requirement, no matter the size.

Full Transparency

Electronic files, correspondence, outside agents, internal communications and scanned physical files or certificates, all of which ensures that all data is kept up to date with parties are often able to access information immediately.

Flexible approach

Fixed or variable costs depending on speed and volume requirements. Quick potential turnaround and temporary assistance available during periods when a significant workload arises.

International Expertise

Experienced experts with detailed knowledge of prosecution procedures and requirements across all major territories and most outlying jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Reporting

Advanced reporting, timely reminders and automated portfolio overview with current status of each of your IP rights.

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Megha Arora Garg

Senior Manager- IP Paralegals IP Services and Quality, Region India Delhi

Anne Merete Kvistad Haugerud

Head of Paralegals, Docketing, Quality and Processes Partner


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