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Invoice Management

Invoice matching is a necessary part of an effective budgeting process and helps to ensure that company accounts and costs match expectations and budgetary forecasts. It can be a complex and resource intensive task to match each invoice to supporting documents such as offers, purchase orders and agreements.

We can assist both your legal team and accounts team throughout the process, help them to avoid excessive communication and ‘double-handling’.

Fixed fees and the potential to save money by identifying incorrect invoices

 Invoice Management can help you to forecast your budget more effectively, safe in the knowledge that there should be no surprises against what has been agreed. It can also potentially reduce invoice processing costs by limiting spend to a fixed monthly fee as well as allowing your in-house team to focus on other valuable tasks, boosting productivity in the process.

The matching process often reveals multiple invoices that are incorrect or not in line with what has been agreed with a specific IP provider. In many cases, clients are overcharged as the result of an honest mistake which can be easily corrected, but there are a growing number of fraudulent invoices being detected as well.

Quick, efficient service via a single point of contact

At Zacco, we are experts in IP and data qualification. Zacco offers Invoice Management services for IP related invoices. As experts in IP, we know what to look for in an invoice and we are familiar with all major IP Management systems available on the market, so we are happy to operate and report within the tools used by our clients.

You will have a single point of contact who will manage the process with our centralised team and we operate within one of Europe’s leading IP firms ensuring that stringent quality assurance processes are followed.

Detailed actionable reporting and insight

 A highly skilled team will provide you with a detailed overview and insight into the current state if all associated IP related invoices, ensuring that you have the necessary data to make informed decisions.

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Single Point of Contact

Keep track of all costs, registrations, signatories and requirements in one place through a single point of contact who will manage the process internally on your behalf.

Quality Assured

Operating as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP firms, with appropriate quality assurance processes so potential errors or discrepancies can be more easily identified and fixed.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined and automated processes help to reduce costs and ensure consistency. Fixed or variable costs depending on management requirements. Potential costs and service levels are fully customisable and completely transparent across all stages.

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