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Whenever a company changes its name or if an IP right is purchased, exchanged or sold, this must be recorded with the relevant local IP authorities. Each country may well have their own local requirements and the process can often be both expensive and time-consuming to conduct in-house. Failure to record such changes properly may result in the inability of the new owner to defend against infringements or renew applications and may, in certain circumstances, even lead to the loss of IP rights. Protect yourself accordingly with help from Zacco.

Our experts have up to the minute in depth knowledge of all relevant local and international legislation and can help you to manage your case load effectively, reducing costs, time and energy. We often deal directly with local authorities and we know when the rules or requirements change so that you don’t have to. Get in touch to learn how we can reduce your Recordals workload and improve cost-efficiency.

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Streamlined Processes

Streamlined and automated processes helps to reduce costs and can be adapted as necessary for any requirement, no matter the size.

Comprehensive Reporting

Up to the minute information of all potential deadlines and requirements. Documentation is often immediately available. Keep track of all registrations, signatories and requirements in one place

Full Transparency

Full transparency throughout the process so you will never lose sight of each stage. Declarations and Powers of Attorney are prepared in advance, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected delay.

International Expertise

Experienced experts who have filed thousands of patents and trademarks across hundreds of countries, including all major jurisdictions and territories

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Megha Arora Garg

Senior Manager- IP Paralegals IP Services and Quality, Region India Delhi


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Zacco can assist with legal IP requirements across Europe, as well as internationally.