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Welcome to Zacco IP Services

Zacco has been supporting innovative ideas for over 150 years and, as we look to the next 150, we understand that safeguarding Intellectual Property continues to evolve. Each technological leap presents an opportunity for improvement, whether to process, to efficiency or to security.

Zacco can assist with everything you could need to manage, grow and support your IP portfolio, all in one place. We understand how important it is to work without the distractions of administration, deadlines and spiralling costs. We offer an efficient, cost-effective and time saving service without compromising on the high level of quality you have come to expect from Zacco.

An International
Full-Service IP Firm

The future of IP is digital and Zacco IP Services is perfectly positioned to offer guidance
and administrative heavy lifting throughout the innovation process.

Operating as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP firms, we understand the pressure, the collaboration, the creativity, the research and the sheer hard work that goes in to the innovation, the design and the development process. Whether it is drawing on napkins, sleepless nights, or consuming too much coffee, building or designing something new takes time and energy.

You and your organisation can continue to focus on developing the ideas of tomorrow
while Zacco and Zacco IP Services handle the rest.

IP Services

Zacco can advise on and assist with all legal IP requirements in the following areas,
across Europe, as well as internationally:


Entrust the management and payments of your Patent Annuities to our Intellectual Property experts.

Design Renewals

Your Designs offer instant recognition, don’t let them lapse. We can ensure they remain protected.


Docketing can be a time consuming and expensive process to manage in-house. Let us help you manage your IP portfolio more efficiently.

Efficient management of your Patent Annuities

Your patents can lapse if not reviewed and renewed regularly. Our state of the art online platform can help you manage the process more efficiently and cost effectively. Built with a focus on data security and designed specifically for the management of intellectual property rights, it includes everything you would expect, from up to date information on all case types and upcoming deadlines to comprehensive reporting at every stage of the process. Our experts have a detailed knowledge of international patent annuities procedures and requirements. We are up to date on all relevant legislative changes and can assist you throughout every step of the renewals process, from IP strategy to comprehensive cost overviews. We provide extensive reporting at every stage of the process and can help you to manage your patent portfolio more efficiently and cost-efficiently by customising our service to fit the needs of both your business and of your IP.

Design Renewals you can rely on

Designs are representative of your brand and can mean the difference between instant recognition and forgotten obscurity. We can help you to protect your registered Designs by ensuring they are renewed regularly across all of your territories. By managing your design portfolio internationally, we make the process stress-free and easy, leaving the design team free to continue developing your brand.

Docketing Services: keeping track of your IP portfolio

Management of an IP portfolio involves keeping track of multiple jurisdiction specific formalities and deadlines which can be both complex and time consuming. A single mistake or delay may result in the rejection of an application and requires extensive knowledge. Speak to our experts to learn more about how we can efficiently and cost effectively manage your IP portfolio, including all international formalities, and adapt our services to successfully deliver your requirements.

IP Data Validation

The validation of IP data is a complex process and it can be expensive to maintain a specialist internal team able to qualify it. If your information is not accurate, then your results won’t be either.

IP Outsourcing Services

Our experienced paralegals and patent, trademark and design attorneys can assist you with your IP portfolio, leaving your IP team free to focus on other tasks

Invoice Management

IP rights owners are required to regularly collaborate with various stakeholders and firms across the globe and this can result in the generation of a large number of invoices per month.

Ensuring the accuracy of your IP Data

Validation of IP Data remains a crucial part of any business that uses IP, and it is necessary to check that all information in your IP Management System is 100% correct. Qualifying and cross checking your data forms an integral part of that process ensuring that your IP rights are fully protected across all of your desired territories and helps to mitigate the risk that any of your IP rights will lapse. Zacco is one of Europe’s leading IP firms and can assist you throughout the IP Lifecycle from advising on claims and scope of protection required, to identifying jurisdictions, and providing in-house assistance and full portfolio management. Our specialised team of IP Data Validation experts keep up to date with all local requirements so that you don’t have to. Allowing us to assess and qualify IP data related to your portfolio can often be more cost effective than maintaining a team of experts in-house.

Lower your caseload and costs through IP Outsourcing

Outsource your IP portfolio and reduce your costs. Zacco can provide in-house experienced paralegals and patent, trademark and design attorneys who have the capacity and capability to efficiently manage, support and administer your Intellectual Property portfolio. Accuracy is at the heart of everything we do and we have robust quality assurance processes in place to ensure we keep track of complex caseloads and maintain oversight of all formalities, relevant legislation and changing international requirements. Fully transparent and offering both responsibility and liability throughout the entire process, you will have one single point of contact but access to 24/7 coverage from our team. From SMEs to Fortune500s, we help hundreds of companies every year to manage their caseload more effectively and more cost efficiently.

We help you manage your IP-related invoices

Invoice matching is an integral part of any company’s accounts department and this can often be a complex, resource heavy and time-consuming process because it is necessary to match each invoice to supporting documents such as offers, purchase orders and agreements. Allowing Zacco to manage and assess your invoices can often reduce invoice processing costs and offers the potential to save both time and money by identifying incorrect invoices.


With our knowledge of all multi-jurisdictional requirements, you can entrust your Recordals to our experts.

Trademark Renewals

Your Trademarks are an extension of your brand and its quality. Let us help you to secure their value.


We operate as part of one of Europe’s leading IP firms. Let us handle all of your IP Translation needs.

Changes in names and ownership require Recordals services

Whenever a company changes its name or if an IP right is purchased, exchanged or sold, this must be recorded with the relevant local IP authorities. National requirements vary when it comes to changing titles or ownership details and failure to record them properly can potentially result in the loss of your IP rights. Protect yourself accordingly and speak to one of our experts to learn more about how we can help you to reduce costs and manage your caseload more effectively.

Ensure your Trademark is renewed in time

Trademarks can define a brand’s international reputation and their recognition often indicates your commitment to consistency and quality. They can also lapse if not used and renewed regularly. We can help you to ensure that doesn’t happen. Although your Trademarked IP might be the same internationally, the rules surrounding it won’t be. We can help you to manage your Trademark portfolio, ensuring that renewals and reregistration process is stress-free and seamless.

Quality-assured IP Translation

Our Intellectual Property Translation team works solely with IP and can provide and keep track of all necessary translations throughout the IP rights lifecycle, including litigation and other enforcement procedures. We have extensive experience translating validations, patents, trademarks, litigation proceedings and other technical/legal text. We have full knowledge of formal requirements across multiple jurisdictions and can assist you offering a particular focus on multilingual consistency.


Validation is a time consuming but integral part of securing your granted IP Rights internationally. We can manage the entire process.

Convert European Patents into national rights

Validate your patent in every jurisdiction or territory where you require protection. Patent Prosecution takes many years but Validation often comes with a time limit. Every country has different formalities for successful Validation registration, each of which requires specialised knowledge and an understanding of local legislation and requirements. Zacco is one of Europe’s leading IP firms and can assist you throughout the IP Lifecycle from advising on claims and scope of protection required, to identifying jurisdictions, and providing in-house assistance with local language translations where necessary. Validation forms an integral part of that process ensuring that your IP rights are fully protected across all of your desired territories. With Zacco IP Services, our specialised team of Validation experts keep up to date with all local requirements so that you don’t have to. Allowing us to manage your Portfolio can often be more cost effective and improve Validation efficiency.