Welcome to Zacco IP Services

Zacco has been supporting innovative ideas for over 150 years and, as we look to the next 150, we understand that safeguarding Intellectual Property continues to evolve. Each technological leap presents an opportunity for improvement, whether to process, to efficiency or to security.

With Zacco IP Services, we have consolidated everything you could need to support your IP portfolio into one place, because we understand how important it is to work without the distractions of administration, deadlines and spiralling costs. We offer an efficient, cost-effective and time saving service without compromising on the high level of quality you have come to expect from Zacco.

An International
Full-Service IP Firm

The future of IP is digital and Zacco IP Services is perfectly positioned to offer guidance
and administrative heavy lifting throughout the innovation process.

Operating as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP consultancy firms, we understand the pressure, the collaboration, the creativity, the research and the sheer hard work that goes in to the innovation, the design and the development process. Whether it is drawing on napkins, sleepless nights, or consuming too much coffee, building or designing something new takes time and energy.

You and your organisation can continue to focus on developing the ideas of tomorrow
while Zacco and Zacco IP Services handle the rest.

IP Services

Zacco IP Services can advise on and assist with all legal IP requirements in the following areas,
across Europe, as well as internationally:


Entrust the management and payments of your Patent Annuities to our Intellectual Property experts.

Design Renewals

Your Designs offer instant recognition, don’t let them lapse. We can ensure they remain protected.


Docketing can be a time consuming and expensive process to manage in-house. Let us help you manage your IP portfolio more efficiently.

IP Outsourcing Services

Our experienced paralegals and attorneys can assist you with your IP portfolio, leaving your IP team free to focus on other tasks.


We are one of Europe’s few translation teams housed within an IP firm. Let us handle all of your IP Translation needs.

Trademark Renewals

Your Trademarks are an extension of your brand and its quality. Let us help you to secure their value.


With our knowledge of all multi-jurisdictional requirements, you can entrust your Recordals to our experts.


Validation is a time consuming but integral part of securing your granted IP Rights internationally. We can manage the entire process.