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IP Data Validation

Managing IP-related data and information can be a complex and time consuming process and it can be expensive to maintain an internal team able to cross check and qualify IP data. The validation of IP data remains a crucial part of any business that uses IP, and it is necessary to check that all information in your IP Management System is 100% correct.

If your data is not correct, then your results won’t be either, so a comprehensive data validation process can ensure that all imported and processed data is accurate, relevant and of high quality, as well as confirming that all terms and dates are inserted correctly so you won’t miss any deadlines.  If you have your own legal department, we can assist throughout the process, leaving them with the time to focus on more important tasks.

Complete flexibility and IP lifecycle assistance through a single point of contact

At Zacco, we are experts in IP and data qualification. We know international requirements, what should be checked, and which sources should be used to retrieve qualified information, ensuring that the IP data in your systems matches what has been officially recorded, and that the correct terms are inserted. The decision to outsource IP data validation processes to Zacco will ensure that all data within the portfolio remains accurate, up to date, easily accessible and, most importantly, ready for use as and when you require it.

You will have a single point of contact who will manage the process with our centralised team of Data Validation experts and we operate within one of Europe’s leading IP firms ensuring that stringent quality assurance processes are followed.

Full transparency and comprehensive oversight

You will always have a comprehensive oversight of the process throughout each stage, as well as all costs and fees, minimising the risk of anything unexpected. Zacco IP experts can help you with all data validation processes and with updating IP related data and information, often with a quick turnaround time. We check all information against local PTO requirements, and other sources from around the globe, and we can help you to standardise your IP records by docketing qualified information into your systems. We can also provide on-site support in your office, where required.

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Single Point of Contact

Keep track of all costs, registrations, signatories and requirements in one place through a single point of contact who will manage the process internally on your behalf.

Quality Assured

Operating as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP firms, with appropriate quality assurance processes so potential errors or discrepancies can be more easily identified and fixed.

International Expertise

Full process liability from experienced experts with detailed knowledge of procedures and requirements across all major territories and most outlying jurisdictions.

Flexible approach

Fixed or variable costs depending on speed and volume requirements. Quick potential turnaround and temporary assistance available during periods when a significant workload arises.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined and automated processes help to reduce costs and ensure consistency. Fixed or variable costs depending on management requirements. Potential costs and service levels are fully customisable and completely transparent across all stages.

Full Transparency

We will keep you fully informed throughout the process so you will never lose sight of each stage during the lifecycle of each IP right. Scanned files, correspondence, outside agents, internal communications, all of which ensures that data is kept up to date and parties are often able to access information immediately.

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