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Patent Validation

Converting your European Patents into national ones through validation

Do you need assistance in the process of validating your European Patents? With us, you will have a single point of contact who will manage the process with our centralised team of patent validation experts and we operate as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP firms, ensuring that stringent quality assurance processes are followed. Tell us which European Patents you would like validated, and in which jurisdictions, and we can handle the rest.

Complete flexibility and IP lifecycle assistance through a single point of contact

For more comprehensive requirements we can advise you at every stage. From identifying where IP Rights should be granted and the scope of protections available, to prosecution, granting and Validation and enforcement. We can help to identify unnecessary or unsuitable rights within your IP portfolio, potentially saving time and costs by reducing their administration requirements and, while reviewing all applications, we are also able to proofread and quality check all documentation, highlighting any discrepancies or errors within the text as soon as we become aware of them.

Our European Patent Validation Services: Full transparency, comprehensive oversight and direct validation in many countries

We offer direct patent validation in Nordic countries and most address-for-service countries and provide information and details of all relevant validation requirements. This means that you will always have a comprehensive oversight of the process throughout each stage, as well as all costs and fees, minimising the risk of anything unexpected. We offer safe registration of addresses so that all relevant documentation and communication is handled by Zacco, ensuring that nothing is missed, and our in-house translations team is able to translate within all major jurisdictions. For all other languages and we have a comprehensive network of trusted, vetted and quality assured local partners, all of whom we have been working with long term and who offer the same high level of quality that you would expect from us.

In times of urgency, we are also able to offer expedient handling, ‘fast-tracking’ the process without compromising on quality or consistency. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with all of your EP validation needs.

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Single Point of Contact

Keep track of all costs, registrations, signatories and requirements in one place through a single point of contact who will manage the process internally on your behalf.

Quality Assured

Operating as part of Zacco, one of Europe’s leading IP firms, with appropriate quality assurance processes so potential errors or discrepancies can be more easily identified and fixed.

International Expertise

Full process liability from experienced experts with detailed knowledge of procedures and requirements across all major territories and most outlying jurisdictions.

Flexible approach

Fixed or variable costs depending on speed and volume requirements. Quick potential turnaround and temporary assistance available during periods when a significant workload arises.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined and automated processes help to reduce costs and ensure consistency. Fixed or variable costs depending on management requirements. Potential costs and service levels are fully customisable and completely transparent across all stages.

Global Partnerships

We operate internationally, either directly or through a network of trusted agents who have a detailed understanding of the local rules, are regularly vetted and must adhere to a comprehensive quality assurance process.

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